Vitamin C Serum

Clear, Bright Skin Needs Its C

Apply this every morning on your clean face, under your moisturizer, then face the elements. Vitamin C fights off free radicals, and your skin will know the difference. As the sun beats down and pollutants try to do their damage, vitamin C works to protect.

Vitamin C also helps prevent your skin from losing its vitamin E when it is exposed to sunlight.

You may even see redness caused by irritation calm down with the help of vitamin C.

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Triple-Balanced Renown.Skin Moisturizes the Right Way

We’ve provided 20% vitamin C—the maximum recommended dose for skin—in a luxurious blend:

Aloe helps reduce redness and irritation, especially from sun.

MSM strengthens keratin, for a firmer, springier surface.

Jojoba oil not only moisturizes and protects your skin barrier, it helps ferry active ingredients below the skin surface, so you get as much vitamin C as your skin craves.


Why You Should Choose Our “Gentle C”

Vitamin C is one of the safest ingredients you can find in makeup and skincare products. It pairs beautifully with hyaluronic acid to restore collagen and skin tone.  It plays nice with retinols. It’s ideal for supporting exfoliants like alpha hydroxyl acid (and many other ingredients should not be used with them!). And it combines with all other vitamins.

That means you don’t have to worry about using this beautiful serum with your other moisturizers and lotions.

You can get vitamin C from ascorbic acid, but that presents some problems for people with sensitive skin. Too much can be irritating and cause redness until your skin becomes accustomed to it. Redness and discomfort won’t be an issue for you with our “gentle C,” sodium ascorbyl phosphate.

Sodium ascorbyl phosphate is actually a salt of regular vitamin C and it is also more bioavailable than ascorbic acid. That’s because when you apply it to your face and it absorbs into the skin, enzymes convert it to l-ascorbic acid… regular vitamin C… as needed. 

Also, the ascorbic acid used in so many other vitamin C products highly unstable. Once it is exposed to air and light, it degrades. That doesn’t happen with our “gentle-C.” From the moment you open the bottle… all the way to the end, Renown.Skin Vitamin C Serum will help your skin regain its glow and healthy tone.


Try for 60 Days, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re so sure you will see visible results with softer, smoother, younger looking skin that we will make this full-satisfaction guarantee.

Order now, and use Renown.Skin Vitamin C Serum for up to 60 days. If you are not completely happy with how much younger and more beautiful your skin becomes we promise you a full, prompt, no-hassle refund of your full purchase price.

Simply return the unused portion and we will refund 100% of your purchase price excluding shipping and handling. Refunds exclude shipping and handling; customer pays return shipping. No more than two bottles (your trial supply) may be opened or consumed for a full refund. Offer is good for 60 days from receipt of product.

How to Use: Wash and pat skin dry. Apply small amount with fingertips to freshly cleansed and toned face, neck and décolleté areas (avoid direct contact with eyes). Allow time to absorb prior to moisturizer application.



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